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How to master Twitter marketing?

Twitter has 336 million active users per month, which is critical to promoting your e-commerce store. Twitter users are paying more attention to more than 5 brands. Even more impressive is that 37% of users buy goods from the brands they care about. Four out of every five Twitter users in Twitter have an average of more than five brands. Mention a brand. This shows that Twitter users are welcomed by the brand effect. The platform itself allows for powerful two-way communication between the user and the brand. More than half of Twitter users started to take action, such as visiting the website after seeing the brand mentioned in the tweet. In general, most brands will respond within 1 hour and 24 minutes, and customers on Twitter will respond too.

Some tips on Twitter marketing

Many brands use social media as a channel to provide better customer support. Use social media to respond to customer needs in real time. Getting a brand via email can sometimes take up to 48 hours. However, it usually takes much faster to respond on social media. The customer will post a tweet through your brand and you will be notified on the phone so that you can respond immediately. When the brand's Twitter account is active enough, its customer satisfaction can be increased by 19%. If you reply to their tweets within an hour, you will meet the needs of your customers.

When my store is a new store, I can't wait to increase store sales. The articles I wrote focused on specific niche influencers. Then I shared my article with the influencers marked on Twitter. As a result, they not only shared the content, but also provided free, qualified traffic to my site. I have a Facebook redirect ad that allows me to monetize my Twitter traffic through a small new store budget the next day.

1. Write some essays with subject tags

Setting labels is the most effective way to find them on Twitter. As your fans start to grow, you'll start to get new fans and customers by using the hashtags. Use tools like Hashtagify to find the best hashtags every time you post. If you want to write blog content, send it on Twitter and share it with your customers. If you mentioned those affected customers in the article, mark them in the tweets. If they are moderate influencers, your blog will have a chance to be forwarded and become known to more consumers.

2. Forward positive energy tweets and customer photos

If the tweet is negative, please remain calm and respectful. At this time you listen and meet their needs, some angry customers can become loyal customers. After a complaint does not mean that the game is over.

3. Post photos of life

Adding a photo of your life will be closer, if the customer posts a product photo on Instagram and shares it on Twitter, let it see it on all your social platforms. When sending a customer photo, tag the customer and add a link to the product page.

If there is no product link, the customer will not be able to purchase it easily. Find products by browsing the hashtag. For example, if someone is looking for advice on where to buy a dress for a party, then if you sell a dress, you can contact them and recommend your store. You can use the hashtags like #needadress or #recommendationsneeded to find people who are looking for suggestions, products, or tools. Since users need to provide some advice, they may value your suggestions.

Your profile on Twitter contains product posts and value-driven posts. With 20-25% product posts and 75-80% content, engagement or value-driven posts may be the best way to build a page. Keep in mind that this 75-80% does include posts that respond to customer inquiries and interact with customers.

4. Presenting Twitter profiles

Includes a profile picture, it can be a logo, your own photo or lifestyle, or your blog and related links. Easily understand your business by reading your profile. For example, "We sell the latest fashion trends" or "We sell the cutest dog accessories." Your username should reflect your brand name. Remember that the username stays short.

Although this is not a specific e-commerce scope, it is also possible. On Twitter, a user published a few fancy posts in a peculiar way to showcase her newly created nails. She applied nails with food and strange products. When her nails were painted pink, she showed it with a piece of ham. When her nails are bright orange, she is shown with orange scissors when pairing. Her nail color matches the product she proposes. Most people don't usually show off their newly trimmed nails in this way, which makes these posts so special. How do you present your product in an unconventional way to draw attention? Do experiments and try to pair products in unusual environments or with unusual products.

How to get Twitter fans

There is no doubt that Twitter's influence and its potential for your business may be related. It can help you gain potential customers, increase brand awareness, and connect with your customers and users. But before you get the benefit, you need to make sure you have Twitter fans, or you are taking steps to increase Twitter followers.

If we look at some of the most followed Twitter account, Katy Perry leads with 109 million fans. This is a huge fan base. The second-highest Twitter-focused account belongs to Justin Bieber, with 106 million followers, and the next one is Barack Obama with 103 million Twitter fans. Given that these people are global celebrities, it's clear that your fans are having difficulty reaching such numbers, but you can still take steps to increase your Twitter followers and help your account and brand grow.

Twitter get follower strategy list

1. Make sure that the content of your tweets is not only interesting, but also provides information and value references to Twitter follower, so you have a higher chance to get forward and share your content.

2. Follow the following strategy. you follow others, so they follow you on Twitter.

3. Make sure you understand the tweet content.

4. Promote your Twitter account. If you have a blog, don't forget to put a logo on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on your blog.

Twitter marketing tools

Manage Flitter

Manage Flitter is a tool that provides features such as the ability to sort your Twitter fans, find great new Twitter follower, find out when your Twitter fans are online, know who to follow you, manage multiple Twitter accounts, and more.


TUNS is a Twitter tool that will receive notifications when someone cancels your brand. This allows you to solve the problem of customers canceling their concerns after talking to them. By knowing who has cancelled your brand, you may start to notice patterns and better analyze your Twitter followers. Maybe you will be dismissed after too many Twitter posts or bad tweets. Once you know why your Twitter followers are leaving, you will be able to solve these problems and find better ways to increase your Twitter followers.


Hashtagify allows you to find the best hashtags. You can enter keywords or niches and give you a list of related topic tags that you can use in your posts. You can also find the best influencers for these topic tags, the most common topic tags for specific keywords, and more. You'll also see the most commonly used languages for tag usage, which gives you insight into where your marketing goals are.