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HOW to use the twitter video downloader? is a very famous and popular social website. Many people browse the newest and popular info, send message to each other on twitter. beside this ,there are also many audio and video clips on twitter. Some of the video are mp4 format, others are in gif format. There are many interesting video clips among them, like humor clips, many times we want to download these video clips and gif , and upload them to other social media and websites. But when we check the videos online , we can not find any download options for these videos on twitter. So how can we download those twitter videos and gif? In fact ,it is quite easy. Today let me tell you how to use the twitter video downloader on to download any video and gif from twitter and convert them to mp3 and gif.

How to use our twitter downloader to download videos and gif

First of all ,you have to found the tweet that contain the video or gif that you want to download, click the tweet , in the url bar of web browser is the url of the tweet, copy the tweet url with your mouse or with ctrl + c.

download twitter video sample

video tweet url

Now let us open, on the homepage, you can see there is a url input box, paste the tweet url into the input box. In our case, we use the tweet url

paste tweet url download

Then let us click the big red download video button. Now the website will start process our download request. After about 5 sec, the video related info will be retrieved, from the screenshot , we can see the info include , the format of the video, the size of the video, the name of the video, we can download the video , convert it to mp3 ,or convert it to gif, the convert the video to gif option is a very popular option, because many website do not allow you to upload mp4 or mp3 videos , but you can convert the video to gif and paste a link to it. We will show you how to use the various download options later.

processing download request

download convert twitter video

download converted mp4 file

1 download the twitter video.

Now let us click the red big download video button. After we click the button , for most of the modern web browser , a new online media play page will popup ,as the screenshot show you , the video you want to download will start to play automatically, someone may ask , I want to download the twitter video not to play it online. Ok .at the right side of the media player there is a 3 dot button. Click the 3 dot button, a sub menu will popup. The download option is inside, click the download option to download the twitter video.

2 Convert the twitter video to mp3

Sometimes we do need the picture part of the video , we can convert the twitter video to mp3 and store it in our storage device and play it when we need it . It is quite simple to convert it to mp3, I presume you have already pasted the tweet url and clicked the red download video button. The web page now will start process your download request, after about 5 secs, the video info will appear, among them , there is a convert video to mp3 button, click the button, the web page will start to process the video . after about 5-10 secs, you can see a download mp3 red button appear on the page. Click the button, a mp3 player web page will appear , just like video player page I mentioned before. This is just a default handle method for most media files on most modern web browsers, to download the mp3 file , click the 3 dot button at the right side of the media play , and click the download option to download the mp3。

3 Convert the video on twitter to gif then download

It is also quite simple to convert the twitter video to gif and download. Let us return to the step of get the download information of a particular twitter video. On the page you can see a option convert to gif, click the button, the website will start to convert to convert the video to gif, after the file conversion , you can see a red download video gif button on the page. Click the button the show and download the gif file.

The pros of the twitter video downloader

1 you do not need to install any software. you do not install any software in order to use the twitter video downloader on what you need is only a modern web browser and a internet connection to allow you visit our website, then you can download the video and gif on twitter and convert them to mp3 and gif.

2 very simple to use. Our twitter video downloader is very simple to use, just find the video or gif you want to download on twitter , copy the tweet url ,paste it in the input box of then click the download button, and you can also turn the video or gif into mp3 or gif with a signal click, overall it is very easy to use .

3 the download speed is very fast. Usually the download or convert operation need not take more than 5 secs to complete download operation.

4 Unlimited download. there is no download limit for downloading videos or gif on twitter or converting the file to mp3 or gif, you can download as much as you want , and you can download at anytime from anywhere.

5 good compatibility. our website has very good compatibility, you can use any modern web browser to visit our website, which include but not limit to google chrome, Mozilla firefox ,opera and etc.

6 no need to register. You do not need to register any username or any other things before you start use to download twitter video and gif , you do not to leave any personal information too. It is totally safe for you.

Frequently asked questions

1 where does the downloaded twitter video or gif saved to.?

Answer: all the videos or gif on twitter you downloaded are saved on the default download folder of your web browser, each web browser has a default download location set. But each browser’s download folder is not the same with each other , for example the download folder is different between google chrome and Mozilla firefox. You can change or check the default download location in your browser settings.

2 Why the video will start to play automatically instead of downloading when I click the download video button.

Answer: That’s the default behavior for most of the modern web browsers when you open a media file , it will try to play it , but not download it, to download the video file, you need to click the download option in the three dot button.

3 Can I use the twitter video downloader on my iPhone or android phone?

Answer: you can use this video downloader on on pc , mac linux , iPhone or android phone. As long as your operating system support the main stream web browser now. with the web browser and an internet connection. You can use our twitter video downloader any time anywhere.

4 is it safe to download twitter videos from our website?

Answer:It is absolutely safe to download twitter video and gif from our website, you won’t get any virus or Trojan during or after the download or convert operation, it is totally safe to use our tool to download videos from twitter.

5 is it possible to download live videos from

Answer: download live videos from is just like download ordinary videos , just get the tweet url which contain the live stream , copy paste the url into the download url box ,then click download video. It is as simple as download ordinary videos.

6 Do you store all the downloaded video and gif inside your web server?

Answer: we do not store any video gif or mp3 file from on our webserver. All the file you downloaded are directly retrieved from

7 Are you an official product from twitter.?

Answer: we do not have any relationship with

8 I can not find the downloaded twitter video and gif, where are they, where they get saved?

Answer: All the video and gif downloaded from are saved inside the default web browser download folder, each web browser has it own unique download location, and it is also different for different operating systems, such as windows, mac, iPhone and android phone. If you want to know where does your downloaded video get saved, you can check the web browser settings to find out the download folder.

9 Why I can not download the twitter video ?

Answer:If you can not download the video or gif from twitter , there may be several reasons,

a. the tweet url you provide does not contain the video or gif, You have to make sure that the url you posted into the download url box ,is the tweet url that contain the video or gif you want to download, otherwise you can not download video from twitter.

b. there is something wrong on our server. If you are sure you input the correct url and still can not download the video , maybe there is something wrong on our server. If that happens please contact us via email.

10 How to use the to download video from twitter on iPhone and android phone.

Answer: to use the twitter video downloader is the same as using it on pc or mac. Just open the web browser on iPhone or android phone ,visit our website ,and paste the tweet ,and start to download the videos.

11 Do I need to register before I start to download the videos from twitter?

Answer: no, you do not need to register or to leave any user information before you start using our website to download video from twitter. You just visit then start download.

12 Is this twitter video downloader free to use?

Answer: this twitter video downloader is totally free for everyone to use. And it will be free forever.

13 Why do you make this twitter video downloader?

Answer: I am a twitter user and I am also a programmer, I also like to browse the twitter ,and love these interesting twitter video and gif, when I found twitter does not offer any download options , I decide to make a twitter video downloader myself. So I made this little downloader, and after for a while, I add mp3 convert and convert to gif function to my downloader too, I will continue improve my twitter video downloader , and offer it to everyone free forever.

14 What is the quality of the downloaded twitter videos? What is the format of the downloaded twitter videos?

Answer: the quality of the downloaded twitter video is not high , usually 640*480. But that is quite enough for online use. the video format is mp4 . a very common format.

15 Is this twitter video downloader tool legal to use?

Answer: we do not store any video or gif file on our server, and we use public interface to download media files from and convert them to mp3 or gif, so it is absolute legal to use our download tool.

16 Do you collect users’ information?

Answer: no, we do not collection any user information . it is totally safe to use our downloader.

17 Does this website store video or gif?

Answer: no, we do not store any gif or video on our website.

18 Do you have download limit on your website?

Answer: No we do not have any download limit, you can download as many as you like. does not host any pirated or copyright content on its server, and all the videos that you download are downloaded to your system directly .

our twitter accout is , and our email is, if you have any suggestion regarding our twitter video downloader , please email us or contact us with twitter . and again thank you for using our twitter video downloader!!