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Twitter (unofficial Chinese name: Twitter) is a social network and microblogging service. Users can enter up to 140 characters of letters or Chinese characters to update via SMS, instant messaging, email, Twitter website or Twitter client software (such as Twitterrific). Twitter was founded in San Francisco in March 2006 and was developed by Obvious. Each text update will be displayed on the user page, and each user can see these updates instantly. Although the user can set to only send text updates to his friends, the default value is that everyone can see it. Users can get text updates through the Twitter website, instant messaging, SMS, RSS, email or Twitter client software. At present, the mobile phone SMS update service is only available in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom for free (except for the SMS fee of the mobile phone provider).

Table of contents

1 Glossary

2 Peripheral applications

2.1 Twitter software client

2.2 Multi-platform desktop client

2.3 Browser plug-in client

2.4 Mobile client

2.5 Twitter third-party web client

3 External links

3.1 Official website


Tweet: A piece of information posted on Twitter.

Following: Twitter users (friends) you subscribe to (follow or follow). After you log in to your account, you can see the Twitter messages posted by your friends.

Followers: Subscribe to your Twitter users, the other party can see the messages you post.

@Replies (Reply): Reply or leave a message to a Tweet. The usage is to add the other party’s Twitter ID after the @ symbol, and write the reply content after a space or colon. It's best to use the pre-made reply function on the web page or the client. Such a reply will have a thread, which means you can see which message you are replying to.

Direct message (private message): This is a private message sent to people who follow you. If someone does not follow you, you cannot send this type of message.

RT: Retweets, which is called Retweets in Chinese, means to repost and repost Twitter messages. The usage is: RT @原发者Twitter ID: the original text that was tweeted

tag: The tag will be displayed as a link. Click this link to search for all tweets with the same tag. The usage of the tag is "#tag ". Note that spaces must be added before and after (at the end, there is no need for spaces afterwards), otherwise it will not be recognized effectively. Chinese tags can be displayed on the web, and the usage is "#tag_ ".

OAuth login: Use the OAuth protocol to log in. You can authorize a third-party service to access your twitter information without telling the third-party service provider your Twitter password. The user can also cancel a third-party's access authorization in the settings at any time.