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Twitter Marketing: 7 Tips You Must Know

Twitter is a social media platform that has a great impact on global online marketing. By the first half of 2015, Twitter had 286 million active users, and there were 500 million tweets on Twitter every day. Therefore, for many foreign traders, Twitter is an important platform for spreading brands and entering the international market.

In today's article, I will introduce you to 7 tips for improving your Twitter marketing, and hope to help who are doing Twitter marketing.

1. Reduce the number of links in the tweet

Studies have shown that tweets that do not contain links are more likely to generate followers interactions. So not every link in your tweet must contain links. The subtlety of the links lies in the essence rather than the miscellaneous. So if you limit the number of tweets that contain links, you'll see that your tweet's fan engagement is improved.

As follows, we made a comparative test:

The tweet in the image above contains the link

The tweet in the image above does not contain a link

The contrast between the two is reflected. Therefore, Twitter marketers should pay more attention to the number of links, do not put too much time on the discovery of good links, this part of the time should be used to interact with your fans.

In addition, the small number of links is more conducive to building trust with followers, so when you suddenly send a link, they will think that the link you sent is high quality based on trust, so that the link is really played.

2, use the correct "#" tag

If your Twitter wants to get more followers, you can use the "#" tag, which will also strengthen your contact with fans. However, the number of uses of "#" is also very particular, and it cannot be abused in order to increase the followers.

At this point you can use two easy-to-use tagging tools: Hashtagify and RiteTag.

● Find the right tag through Hashtagify

Hashtagify lets you find tags that match your requirements. You only need to enter your tag keyword in the search bar in Hashtagify, Hashtagify will generate a tag for you (in the case of social media).

After the input is complete, you will see the relevant tags generated for you in "basic mode". At the same time you can click on the "table mode", where you can see the popularity of each tab, which will help you analyze and select the appropriate label.

You can choose one or more of them to become your "#" tag, which will accurately tag the attributes and make it easier for the viewer to find you.

● Check the relevance of tags through RiteTag

Once you have identified a tag, you can check the association of this tag with your Twitter by using the RiteTag tool.

First you have to enter RiteTag and authorize it to access your Twitter account. After entering, in the "compose new tweet" you enter the label selected in the first step, so that you can get the relevance of the label.

RiteTag uses color to distinguish the strength of the association: green means that the label is strong, suitable for your Twitter; blue means that the association is general; and red means that the association is not good, it is not recommended.

You can sort the labels based on these colors for a more precise selection. By combining the two tools, you'll get effective Twitter-compliant tags to enhance your interaction with your fans and attract more people interested in the content of these tags.

3. Post a tweet with pictures

As we all know, a tweet with pictures is more attractive than no picture, and it will capture the viewer's line of sight in a flash. The key is to choose the right picture.

In addition, in the first point, we talked about the link problem. If you can put the link on the picture, this will not only reduce the resentment caused by the repeated occurrence of the link, but also make the viewer more willing to click the picture to see you. I want them to see the link. So if you have to put multiple links, you can choose to use image links.

At this point you can use the Twitshot tool to help you complete this step in a matter of seconds:

Twitshot is an online tool that you can log in to any browser and choose the ones you like in the gallery it provides and add the link.

At the same time Twitshot will provide you with a preview, you can change the picture according to the preview. Finally, you can successfully post to your Twitter.

4, use the appropriate typesetting

In our tweets, there are a variety of elements, such as text, images, links, #, and @(When using @, you must not put them at the very beginning of the tweet, so the viewer will subconsciously skip, only by @ That person will pay attention, which will reduce the degree of attention), the combination of these elements will have a certain impact on the amount of sharing.

You can of course break the combination of these elements and even look for other elements. Innovation is a good medicine to capture viewers, such as innovation in the title, a question-based tone or an associated reference, etc. are all good choices.

5. Refer to the most valuable words when forwarding.

On your Twitter, we often forward other people's tweets in order to enrich our homepage. Don't think that forwarding is just a simple click of a button and simply attaching an expression or a few words. If you pay attention to forwarding, you will use other people's tweets to get traffic for yourself.

Twitter's new feature "quote tweet" allows you to add 116 words when forwarding. You can then express your thoughts and provide valuable information here. The most effective way is to select the most representative of the forwarded articles. Valued text, this will make your fans want to read this forwarding more.

As shown in the figure, it is the most representative text in the original article selected by Johnson when he forwarded the tweet, thus obtaining a better share.

6. Send tweets at the best time

It’s important to know which fans your fans like to watch Twitter at what time. If you post a message before their favorite time to browse Twitter, your message will be overwritten by other users' messages; if it is released later, they may have closed the page to do their own thing. Therefore, knowing which fans are most likely to browse Twitter during the time period is very important for improving traffic and sharing rate.

You can view your fan data in Twitter Analytics:

Then go to "tweriod" where you can see the time period of your fans online:

Here you can schedule your tweets based on the time they appear on Twitter. People don't spend a lot of time on Twitter one day, so catching their online time and marketing and promotion is every marketer. Attention and attention.

7, analysis of data, classification characteristics

Twitter provides users with the ability to analyze the features (Twitter Analytics), where you can check which of your most popular tweets in the near future, by analyzing the layout, content and other elements of these popular tweets, you can get A good way to make tweets.

Go to Twitter Analytics and click on the "tweet" at the top to view the data:

At the same time, you can learn from the advantages of other popular tweets and combine them with your own strengths, which will create tweets that are more popular with fans.