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Twitter usage summary

As a world-renowned social platform (Twitter), Twitter is making great strides toward social media giants. As a website promoter, basic social media promotion is essential, here I will briefly outline some of the considerations I use on Twitter.

1: If you want to use Twitter, you must first register. I believe that everyone can do a good job in registration. I will not explain too much in this part.

2: After completing the account registration and perfecting your personal information, you can perform the actual operation.

3: When perfecting personal information, you can pay attention to it (the setting of Twitter avatar), which is equivalent to the original information guide and guide. So how do you set up your avatar? Please see the screenshot:

Just click on the plus sign on the cover and enter the avatar settings interface to upload the avatar that is most suitable for your communication. Click Upload and the avatar setting will be completed.

4: The setting of the Twitter language, you can first enter the settings center, as shown below:

Click on Settings and find the language.

Click on the drop-down box and you will be able to find the language type you want to change.

5: How to send Twitter content, first of all, Twitter content is text-limited, which makes us pay attention to the control of the content word count. At the same time, we can use the URL shortening tool to shorten the URL of the content page URL we need to promote. In the release interface of the reinsertion, as shown below:

(1) First find the button to send the tweet (like a quill):

(2) Click to enter the tweet publishing interface:

The next step is to enter the content and promotion links. Promotion links are best presented as short links, which also gives users a better content experience.

URL shortening tool:

After these steps, a short and favorable Twitter tweet will be released.