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Tweet, retweet, reply to tweet

Join the conversation! Twitter is your preferred social network application and a source of understanding of the world's dynamics. Whether it is global news, the latest weather conditions, sports events, political events, basketball news and basketball live scores, Twitter will release the latest information as soon as possible. Make friends or follow big guys-just a few words can affect the world!

Tweet, retweet, reply to tweet, share or like-Twitter is simple and convenient. Private chat or group chat. You can also initiate group conversations with your followers. Post comments on social media posts from friends or other Twitter followers. Follow your favorite celebrity news with hundreds of interesting Twitter users and browse related content at a glance.

Use popular stories, live news, jokes, GIFs, photos and videos to activate your social network. Share domestic news or live broadcasts and discover which of your tweets have been liked or retweeted. Create a Twitter account for free now! You can find interesting people on Twitter or attract a group of followers. Maintaining social networks has never been easier!

Today's celebrities in TV, movies, politics, and sports can build relationships with fans on Twitter. Because of this, Twitter has become one of the most used social media platforms in the world. Create attractive profile Customize your profile, add photos, description, location and background image Understand current trending hashtags and breaking news headlines. Whether you are interested in sports news, basketball live scores, gossip, entertainment or politics, Twitter is your source of information for online news.

Join a conversation or watch a live video, and interact directly and deeply with a large audience on mobile devices. Go online, create your own live events, share social media videos or easily understand what's happening around the world.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I download Twitter for free?

Yes! You can use our website to download Twitter from the official website for free.

Can I use Twitter on PC?

this is very simple! Just follow the simple tutorial below and you can start enjoying Twitter right away. Clicking the "Download" button above will redirect you to the official download site to get a free Twitter for Windows.

Will Twitter work on Windows and MAC? Absolutely! Follow the free tutorial below and you will get Twitter to work on most versions of Windows OS or MAC.

How to: download, install and use Twitter for your computer-Windows 10/8/8.1/7

For Twitter to work on your computer, you need to download the latest application simulator-Bluestacks software from the Bluestacks official website:

Now, you must install the software tool on the Windows system. When you are done, simply launch the Bluestacks application and follow the steps below:

1. When asked to improve location accuracy, click "Agree". If you don't want this, click "Disagree".

Result 2. Now you must select the language preference. For me, this is Chinese.

Result 3. Now you need to log in with your Google account. If two-factor authentication is enabled, you will be asked to go to a browser window to authorize the account. It will not launch a separate browser window, but will use the in-app browser.

How to run the Twitter app with Bluestack:

1. When you launch the Bluestacks application, you may be on the "Home" tab. If you are not, just click the "Home" tab.

2. Now, to find an application or game, you need to enter the App Center window. You can observe three options-"My App", "App Center" and "Help Center". You need to click "App Center" to continue.

3. In the upper right corner, you will see a search bar. Just enter the name of the application you want to install. In this case-Twitter.

4. When finished, press Enter or click the search icon to start.

5. Now, you will notice that the Google Play store lists Twitter and similar apps. Click the one you want to install.

6. Just like on a smartphone, click "Install" and then accept the permission to start the installation.

After successfully downloading and installing Twitter, you can find it in the "My Apps" tab. Click it to start it.