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Recommend 7 super useful Twitter downloaders, including use on computers and mobile phones (you can quickly collect them)

If you are looking for a way to download Twitter, here are some of the most commonly used Twitter video downloaders. You can use the following methods to download the videos you want to save, including downloading methods on the computer and mobile phones.

This is a web page for downloading Twitter to a computer. The downloading method is very simple. Just copy the link of the Twitter video to the downloader. There are different sizes of MP4 videos available, but the downloader can download MP3 as written on the webpage. I tried it. I couldn't find a place to download MP3. supports downloading videos from Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to your computer. The steps to download Twitter videos are simple, just copy the video link you like, select the download and right-click on the video page that pops up and save as to your computer. No need to log in to register, free, instant conversion and virus-free, but there are advertisements.

3. Light and shadow image storage (mobile terminal)

Next, this software can easily download Twitter videos on your mobile phone, and you can find it by searching for "Light and Shadow Storage Picture" in the Apple/Android mobile app store. I tried it and felt that the free version of light and shadow saving pictures is actually enough. You can watch ads to increase the number of downloads, and just leave it aside when you watch it. And the download is quite simple, and there are many downloadable platforms supported. However, members can support 1080p video download is an online video downloader that can download websites including Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., without ads and unlimited downloads. To download a Twitter video, you only need to copy the link to display the download page, and the video size is optional.

Download Twitter videos without restrictions and no ads. You can copy Twitter links and convert them into MP4 video with one click (there are two or three sizes according to the video quality), and you can also convert any Twitter videos you like into MP3 audio files. .

6. (computer side)

This Chrome extension tool can grab videos and GIFs from Twitter pages, and can also grab videos from tweet comments. After installation, open the Twitter page and click the extension to select the video to download. A download page will pop up and click to download and select the resolution to download, and then download the video in the lower right corner of the opened video.

7. Download Twitter video (Chrome extension)

This is a Chrome extension, which can be downloaded from the extension store in Google Chrome or Edge browser. Use this extension to easily and conveniently download videos, GIFs, photos, profile pictures, header banners, and thumbnails from Twitter. After installation, click the icon on the Twitter video page, and downloadable pictures and videos will be displayed in the extension. If you just want to download the video, the download interface may look messy, and it will be more convenient to choose other ones.