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Twitter Tricks

Recently, for various reasons, many "refugees" fled from Weibo to Twitter. And due to some differences in the use of Weibo and Twitter, some Weibo users still don’t know Twitter well, so write these for your reference: In Twitter, not only your Tweets will be seen, but also your Reply, Retweet, Like and Media will be displayed on your personal homepage.

Twitter provides the "Protect my Tweets" function. You can easily lock or open your account. Only people with your permission can follow your account, check your Tweets, and your Retweet. Tweet and Like like others, only receive reminders but can’t see who it is

Like buttons also have a collection function

Twitter’s Reply is more like an independent tweet, rather than attached to other people’s Weibo like Weibo, so it will not disappear due to the deletion of the original tweet

The "Block" function can completely block an account, and TA will not be able to follow you, check your tweets, and you will not see TA’s tweets in other places.

The "Mute" function can block the tweets of an account or a specific keyword. Mute does not affect the following, and the other party will not know that you are muted TA

If an account you follow likes to keep retweeting, which causes you to miss other people’s tweets, you can turn off this user’s retweets in the TA’s homepage settings, so that you only see him 'S tweet, can't see his retweet

If you want to know what tweets an account has sent, but don’t want to spend time on refreshing Twitter, you can turn on the "Tweet notification" function. When the account sends a tweet, Twitter will push a message to notify you in time you

The "List List" function allows you to place your favorite Twitter accounts in a list for easy viewing without paying attention to the other party, and you can choose whether to make the list public, so that you can see the tweets you want, but not Let yourself have too many followers to affect your Timeline; in addition, you can also subscribe to public lists created by others

If you use a third-party client, you can also block sources such as the client. Here, it is only for the official client and official website, so it will not be expanded.

Here you can modify any number of times, including but not limited to: nickname, ID, avatar, profile, background image, theme color

Twitter is temporarily "a place outside the law", don’t worry about being deleted here, please enjoy free speech