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How to find the target customers accurately on Twitter?

Twitter is a social tool based on stream updates, so we need some advanced search techniques to find the target information. This is the twitter search query link, we can click on the advanced search.

If you want to find out who is looking for your product, or talk about your competitors, then using advanced algorithms is a good choice. Advanced algorithms can include and exclude certain keywords and then search, so they are relatively accurate.

Tip 1: Track or query username

If you want to query all the information sent by a user to a particular twitter account, you can use the to statement. If you want to view the message sent by the user to the fashion account, you can use this method, namely: to:fashion.

In addition to the to statement, the query statement has a from statement. The From statement queries all posts from an account, such as from:fashion.

Now I'm looking at the information from the news, which is the page that directly accesses the user. So, if you want to find a customer on Twitter accurately, you can do so.

First of all, if you are looking for competitors or product-related information, such as my competitor mynamenecklace is the sale of necklace jewelry, and you are looking for the customer's jewelry manufacturer or retailer, then you can do this to: mynamenecklace "necklace".

We saw that many customers purchased the product on mynamenecklace. So, the rest is waiting for you to develop your customers. In addition, you can know what the customer needs, what to appreciate, what to complain about, this is very helpful for your brand and marketing improvements.

Tip 2: Targeting regional customers

If you want to find out about the region's information about your brand, the regional search function is a good choice. Therefore, this function can be very specific to locate a country, a certain region or a certain city.

Anyone who has done advertising knows that the positioning of advertising is as specific as possible. Therefore, for a certain region, the more accurate the customer positioning, the better. Not all brands have to be global, and many brands only serve as a national, regional group.

So, you can use the statement near: the area you want to locate (zip code), within: specific area range, if you are located in Los Angeles, USA, you want to find someone in 5 kilometers, you can use a similar sentence "# Appointment" near:90210 within:5km.

If you are a beef restaurant owner and you want to know who is recommending food around, you can use the statement 'Steak restaurant'? near:London within:20km.

Tip 3: Accurate result exclusion filtering

Sometimes, we want to exclude unnecessary words or irrelevant ambiguous words. If you want to find a jewelry designer, but don't want to mention any information about competitors, then you can try the following statement "jewely" Designer" -mynamenecklace.

When you want to find some information, you need to exclude all links, such as you are a Facebook manager, you want to find customers within 5 km around you, but you have to exclude all links, then you can use the following statement "facebook" near: 518000 within: 5km -filter:links.

Tip 4: Search through emotional expressions

Consciously researching the customer's sentiment about a particular brand is a very important market research method, such as entering the name of the competitor and then entering the emotional symbol mynamenecklace: (.

You said that the symbol of emotions like anger and sorrow is actually very simple. Just open a facebook message box and click on the symbol you want to go in. A customer's emotions about a brand are contagious, and proper monitoring and guiding the spread of bad emotions is very important.