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How foreign traders find customers through twitter

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There have been many foreign trade experts who have said about the way Facebook develops customers. Today, this small series tells everyone how to develop foreign customers through twitter.

Everyone who knows foreign trade knows that in addition to facebook, many people are playing twitter, and twitter is a typical information flow update information. Many information that can be seen in the future is drowned in massive update information. Many people want to pass twitter. To develop your own customers, but just don't know how to find them.

So how do we find our target customers in the rapidly updating information flow? At this time we need some advanced way of querying, please see me slowly!

This is the twitter search query link:

Open the link to the home address and click Advanced Search. The Advanced Search Address link is the blue font below the search box.

If you want to know who is looking for your product now, you can search for this. The advanced algorithm allows you to exclude certain keywords and perform search operations at the same time, so it is relatively accurate.

Maybe I am saying this, everyone still doesn't understand it very well. Let's take an example to illustrate:

First: Track/Query Username

There are TO and FROM statements

TO: If you want to find all the information that all users send to a particular TWITTER account, then you can use this statement, let's take a look at the information on the classic account, we will search directly for TO to classical

From: is all the posts from an account, you can use the from statement, such as to classical

You can see the information from the classic topic, you can also directly access other pages, so you want to find your target customers accurately on twitter, you need to do this:

First of all, if we find our competitors or product related information is: mynamenecklace, and we have the advantage of this jewelry supplier, this may be our target customer, then we can do this: To:mynamenecklace "necklace"

From the results of the search, you can see that many customers have purchased products from mynamenecklace. These are your target potential customers, then the rest is your own development.

The result of this search is not only to let you know what your target customers are, but also to know what your target customers care about, what they need, and so on. This is helpful for you to develop this customer. .

Second: location area customers

If you want to find information about your brand in this area, regional search function is very good, this function can be specifically targeted to countries, regions, cities.

This is just like the way we advertise on the web. We need to target our ads to our target audience, so that targeted delivery will be better than widespread.

The specific search method is as follows:

Format: Near: the area you want to locate (zip code) within: the specific area range

If I use the US VPN login twitter now, so if I am now in Los Angeles, USA.

Then you can find people within 5 km of the circle. You can search by: "#appointment"near:90210 within:5km

Third: accurate results exclusion filtering

Exclusion method: Sometimes we want to exclude some unnecessary, unwilling, ambiguous words, this function is similar to the keyword exclusion method in SEO.

If we want to find a fashion designer, but I don't want to search for my competitors, then we can search with such a search sentence: "dress designer" – mynamenecklace, you can find a lot of clothing design through search. division.

Filtering: When you want to find some information, but need to filter some links, for example, you are a facebook manager, you want to find your target customers within 10 kilometers around you, you need to exclude all links, then you can use such a search the way:

When you want to find some information, you need to filter all the links, or exclude the link "facebook" near:518000 within:10km -filter:links

The meaning of this statement is within 10 km (according to the zip code) all the customers who mention facebook, but exclude all posts from the link.

Fourth: Search by emotions (expressions)

It is very important to consciously study the emotions revealed by customers about a particular brand, such as entering the name of a competitor and then entering the emotional symbol mynamenecklace :-(

Regarding the emotional symbols, I don't need to teach you how to find them. Baidu, there are all social software, click on a copy of a symbol to paste it.

Well, the four ways to develop customers on Twitter are here today. Parents have to practice it. It’s not good to look at it! Also, let one feel that this sharing is helpful, remember to give me a compliment!