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Twitter download tutorial: teach you how to download Twitter videos, 5 best website recommendations

When you visit Twitter, you will see some videos that you want to download favorites. Twitter itself does not provide this function, so it needs to be realized through other third-party websites and software. The way to download videos on Twitter is actually very easy. Most of them only need to paste the URL to get the download point. This article will teach you how to operate.

In addition to using a certain website as an example of operation, I will also organize 5 websites that are most suitable for downloading Twitter videos today for your reference.

In addition, in addition to Twitter, most of these sites can also download Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo videos, so they are quite versatile.

Things to note before downloading

Before downloading a Twitter video, if you want to publish or retwee it to your own social platform, please remember to ask the owner if you agree. After all, this is a copyright issue. When sharing, you must also include the link or ID of the original Twitter owner. , Usually do this, most owners will agree.

Twitter download tutorial

First find the Twitter video you want to download, open the top right… menu, and click "Embed Tweet":

Then you will get a link to this video, copy it:

For the website part, I take as an example (there is a traditional Chinese interface, but I use English). This set also provides a Chrome extension plug-in, so you can download it quickly, and people who download it frequently can consider it. Paste the URL you just got in the search field and click DOWNLOAD on the right:

You will get the download point of each movie resolution. In my case, there are 1280×720, 640×360, and 480×270. Click the resolution you want, and the movie will start downloading. The speed is pretty good. Fast:

I downloaded 1280×720. After checking the file details, it is indeed at this resolution:

In addition to computers, this website can also be used on iPhone, iPad or Android phones. There is a mobile version of the page, and the operation method is similar.

5 best download Tiwtter video tools, website recommendations

1. Twitter download


Although there are advertisements, the layout of the website interface is very clean

easy to use

Support video direct storage Dropbox cloud storage

Has Chinese interface


Only supports downloading MP4 format is the one I recommend the most among all. The main reason is that there are few ads and no deceptive links. In order to earn more advertising fees, some websites will steal some people who mistakenly think they are download links. Button.

The operation interface is simple, not only supports downloading videos, but also GIF files. You can download it to your computer or mobile phone, or save it to the Dropbox cloud space.


2. Twitter video downloader (

Twitter video downloader


One-click download

Traditional Chinese interface


The interface is a bit messy

There are misunderstanding buttons

Cannot select resolution

Only supports downloading MP4 format

For friends who don’t like to use foreign websites, you can consider this Twitter video downloader, which supports Traditional Chinese (in fact, through automatic translation), so there is no need to worry about the problem of not being able to read it.

The biggest advantage of this website is that you can download MP4 videos with one click after pasting the URL, without opening another tab, but there is relatively no way to choose the resolution. Although there is an option to download MP4 HD, my test often fails, showing that the link cannot be found.

Click me to TWITTER video downloader

3. Twitter download


Has Chinese interface

Downloadable in MP3 format

Clean interface

Support video direct storage Dropbox cloud storage


Suspected plagiarism

The interface of is almost the same as, both in layout and advertising location.

Although the suspected plagiarism makes people feel bad, it is good to support the Chinese interface. The resolution can also be selected, and the MP3 format can be downloaded, so the function is quite rich. There are also related operating instructions on the web page.


4. Twitter download


Traditional Chinese interface

Support video preview function

Optional resolution


After clicking download, a new tab will be opened, and you need to download it manually

Only supports downloading MP4 format is also a good website for downloading videos from Twitter. The interface is very clean, without any ads, and there is a step-by-step download operation instruction below.

You can choose the resolution of the video you want to download, and preview the video, allowing you to confirm whether the content is correct. It's a pity that after clicking download, a new video tab will open, and you need to manually download it again.

However, this can be solved by the "Save Link As" in the right-click menu (you can download the video directly), but it is still more troublesome than other websites.


5. Twitter download


Has Chinese interface

Advertise adaptive desktop, iPhone iOS, Android devices

Optional downloadable video quality


Only supports downloading MP4 format

Unable to download with one click

The operation method of is also very simple. After you paste the URL, you will get the download point of the video in each resolution, and it advertises that the webpage provides the best experience regardless of the device.

However, like, one-click download is not possible, and a new video tab will be opened. The resolution will only display Low Quality, Medium Quality, or High Quality. The resolution is not specified, and Chinese is not supported. This is good or bad, and it depends on people.

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in conclusion

Basically these websites should be able to download Twitter videos normally, but after all, Twitter may be revised in the future, so if you find a certain website, or even all of them cannot be downloaded, please let me know at the end of the article, and I will update and look for it immediately The new one is recommended to everyone.