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Twitter is available in Chinese, is it worth playing?

What is Twitter?

Twitter is familiar and unfamiliar in Taiwan. I believe you must have seen a lot of introductions about Twitter in news or newspapers and magazines. I also know that many foreign stars are using it, how popular it is abroad, and so on. There are also many movies or Japanese TV dramas that will add Twitter to the story. Although I often see this service, the people around me are no ones playing Twitter, and everyone around them is using Facebook and Plurk.

The most common thing I heard in the past is that Twitter doesn't have Chinese, so I don't want to use it. But is the Chinese version now attracting Taiwanese users? In fact, it is hard to say that after all, everyone has already taken root on Facebook and Plurk. If there are no friends playing, it is not easy to attract people to register a service to increase their troubles. And Twitter is very similar to a service called Sina Weibo, because the stars are using, although it is Chinese service, but it is more popular than other microblogs. More people say that Twitter is a service of Shanzhai Sina Weibo, and people don't know what to say.

The most mobile microblog

Because Twitter is distributed in a single message, and it limits 140 words, the amount of single message is not high. Compared with other services, it is more suitable for reading on mobile phones, and Twitter has a very high level of app on the iPhone, whether it is official or other third-party apps. Just slide the message axis up and down on the iPhone to see all the messages, no need to click on another discussion thread. If you want to have more reading on your phone, maybe adding Twitter is a good choice.

Because most of the Twitter users use third-party software, the culture in the webpage has no effect. The main influence is the users who just entered Twitter.

What can Twitter do? The biggest feature is the intelligence network. Use 140 words as a unit to send a message, just like Plurk (because this is to learn Twitter), it seems that the "tweet" action is the main action of playing Twitter, but it is not. What Twitter can best bring you is "intelligence". You can follow the people you are interested in to build your intelligence network. You can instantly see all kinds of information through your timeline, and you can absorb messages in seconds.

Why is Twitter's message spreading quickly? This is because Twitter culture is centered on itself and sends messages to the entire network. Unlike other services, Twitter does not discuss the functions of strings, so the message will be more like news-based communication, but not like Ha Or discussion. And each message sometimes has a unique point of view, which can absorb more different perspectives. Before the Japanese team won the women's football world championship, there are 7196 tweets per second on Twitter, which is quite amazing. It has also been said that in the event of an earthquake, the speed of the tweet is faster than the progress of the earthquake itself, and even the push friend has made a push earthquake button.

Push friends (the name of the user on Twitter) often throw the web pages and videos they are watching into their own messages, and often cause resonances from other friends. When many people push the same message, they indicate That is currently a hot topic. This is the same as Plurk and Facebook, but the feeling on Twitter will be more obvious. It’s also a great tool to use Twitter to find out what the Internet is currently doing.

Even if you don't use the tweet feature to send a message, you can absorb a lot of messages as long as you look at it, and it's fast and easy. It's not as troublesome as climbing a text in the discussion area, but there is also a downside. Twitter is a real-time message. Once the time has passed, it is not so good.

Tree hole and wishing pool

Some people are farting on the Internet just want to vent, swearing at the boss, or talking about bad colleagues. In fact, Twitter is also a good place. Unlike Facebook, you don't have to register with a real name, so you won't have someone to care about the ID you don't know. Like Plurk, your account can be locked and won't let people you don't like to find your tweets. It's a good tree hole. In addition, if you want to find someone to talk to, push friends will comfort you (laughs).

Twitter also has a magical feature that allows you to make a wish. If you have any problems, you can't solve them, or if you want to help. As long as you are familiar with everyone, there will always be enthusiasm to help you. The author himself has also played a lot of microblogging. This is especially obvious on Twitter, but what is the reason? Also said not too much.

Every place also has its own culture and characteristics. For the author, Facebook is an online business card with real life extension. Plurk is a small world for sneaking gossip. PTT is a treasure trove of various knowledge and information, and Twitter is quick to obtain information. And the timeline of the cumulative network.

Is Twitter worth playing? Maybe you can try it out.