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9 mistakes you often make on twitter

It’s no stranger to use twitter marketing or find customers through twitter. But not all people can use twitter. If twitter is in your impression, it’s the same as domestic microblogging. You are not doing well in eight or nine. If you want to do twitter, you must be serious and have to be careful. Let me introduce you to the 9 marketing mistakes that often appear on twitter.

9 mistakes you often make on twitter

1 often post "buy this product" on twitter

If you think that you have opened an account on Twitter, then you can be unscrupulous every day, my site is my attitude, and every day I send a statement like "buy this product", you will crash if you don't crash.

The essence of social is the user, the user is active, the active is the interaction, and the primary participation! You are on twitter.....really, it’s a mental ruin for the user.

I socially see a lot of companies that are just starting to do twitter, or if they are Twitter accounts for newcomers, this will often appear like this #buythisproduct hastag

9 mistakes you often make on twitter

This kind of update is purely a fool's boss. It is purely a cross. It is purely a matter of playing with the mindset. It does not consider publishing, what is the user's feelings, whether there is participation, but how much traffic is flying. Run over. No results, just shouting in the qq group, twitter really can't play!

So can you write like this:

1 Hey, I made these green leather bracers! I think you’ll love them too!

2 Are you looking for brown leather #bracers?

You see that he still does not affect your enthusiasm for selling products, but it also allows users to participate and want to answer. Socially, your post is interactive and able to participate. Such a post is a success.

2 Ask others to pay attention to you

The first step in social networking, of course, is to pay attention to the user's access! But once you just ask someone to pay attention to you, then this effect will be greatly reduced, because users must be because of your high-quality content posts, your excellent marketing ability will pay attention to you, not because you ask for it, and The fans who come out will leave you sooner or later. Speaking of this, I can’t help but feel that doing things is the same thing.

9 mistakes you often make on twitter

3 The message is too long

We all know that the limit characters for twitter are 140, but 140 characters are still too long! In fact, the text of the twitter is controlled within 100. And if you fill up 140 characters, when someone forwards a post, there will be a @mention character that will be more than a few. Let's look at a few earlier data, they are all within 10 characters, but they have all achieved great success:

4 Forgot to add @mention

Now many customers will leave a message directly on the other party's account if they have any problems. I hope to respond quickly, instead of using email. On Twitter, you can use advanced algorithms to query out many valuable customers. At this time, when you reply to them. Don't play when you are, plus @mention

Foreigners are a group of very interesting people. If they talk, you don’t @they, on the one hand, it shows that your business is not doing enough, on the other hand, you are not taking them seriously.

5 send the same post all day

This is as irritating as the first one. The feeling is that the tape cartridge is looping back and forth. You don’t want to post 5~6 posts like this post. I really will hit you~~

So can you write like this:

1 Love #streetfood? We want to see! Submit your best street food photo to enter to win! Details and entry:

2 Wanna win? Love to eat? Show us your #streetfood photo to win our @bestfood contest!

3 #streetfood is yummy!

4 Check out our entries so far.... Will you win?

6 too many times using the retweet function

If there is too many retweet posts in an account, they are all reposted. In fact, this account is not a hard-working account. It seems that there are too many Spam, so it will not take time to browse your posts.

Your retweet can forward your fans to your products (if you have activities), praise your products, your company's achievements. But if you just forward it, sorry, fans will not accept it.

7 too many hastag

If you use too many hastags in a description, it will inevitably distract the expression you describe, and it is very unprofessional. For example, the following one, you said that the product he wants to express is to be a boutique or a wholesale?

Hastag doesn't have to be too much, three of them are enough.

8 The frequency of the hair is too high

If you send a post every few minutes, I will really hit you. Fans pay attention to you to pay attention to meaningful, high-quality tweet posts and content, rather than listening to you and Tang Yan’s chanting.

You will ask how much is appropriate?

1 The first one really has no standard

2 In my experience, if your account number is new, then I suggest that you can send high-quality, different types of tweet posts on the first day (must be carefully selected, can cause user interaction, the type of post should also pay attention to Diverse, you must pay attention to the quality of the picture), because there is no fan in front of the account, this time you send a little more is okay

Why do you want to send more?

Because if a fan is introduced, you only have 1 or 2 posts on this page. He doesn't have to do other browsing. You can see all the contents of your post at once. If this is the case, it is difficult for users to have more. Execution action. So at the beginning you can send a little more, I just send 40~50 days, so on the one hand, we guarantee the content, on the other hand, we can ensure that the user can participate in it.

After the release, I am sure to update 3 posts every day at the highest time, which is 3

You will ask me at which point in time to update better.

Look at the country where your product is sold

I usually update it at 6 o'clock in the morning, update it at around 17:30, and update it at around 10 o'clock in the evening.

9 Private account and corporate account misuse

Individuals generally have personal accounts, and companies also have company accounts.

But sometimes it is sometimes accidental, the update will be confusing, I still don't know. After updating the news, I will turn off the account and play happily. I don’t know that sometimes this will give the enterprise account a huge loss.

So the work account and the private account must be strictly separated!

These 9 mistakes, many newcomers will often make mistakes, so pay more attention to it, if Twitter only treats it with a 2 minute mentality, don't expect it to bring you a steady stream of fans and traffic!