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How to save Gif from Twitter on your Android phone

If you have ever tried to save GIF animation on Twitter you may have noticed that it is impossible to do as you use others on the web page, in which, just by clicking the mouse with the right button, about the image in question, And choose to save the picture, almost done it. But on Twitter, this option we did not find it.

Twitter, in order to save bandwidth and their servers are more fast, what it does is to convert all Gif image animations to MP4 files, what causes these to load faster. The problem is when you try to download it as if they are Images, you cannot, in addition, if you download them as videos, then you have no possibility to give you the GIF format.

How to get animated Gif on your phone's Android from Twitter

method 1

Although there are apps on Google Play to do this, of which I will talk about at the end, you can do it directly, no, download what, use the converter's online dynamic Gif on Twitter. To do this please follow the following step:

Step 1. Open the application Twitter on your phone, then locate the animation you want to download.

Step 2. Press on the animation to expand to full screen. You will have different icons for it, select from Share.

Step 3. You will see the menu Share. Choose Copy to clipboard.

Step 4.Open the link below in your browser Extractor or converter to animate gif images from Twitter.

Twitter extractor for dynamic Gif

Step 5. Locate yourself on the text field name Twitter URL, and paste the copied URL in the clipboard. To do this, press once in the About text box. When the cursor is displayed, press again by keeping it pressed. You will See the menu with various options, one of which is Paste. Select it.

How to save Gif from Twitter on your Android phone-

Step 6. Click the button to get the animated GIF of Twitter and, after a while, the animated GIF of Twitter will be displayed in the lower frame. If you want you can download it, by clicking the button, according to the animated GIF, download the animated GIF .

How to save Gif from Twitter on your Android phone-

Once, you will have downloaded animated GIFs on Twitter in your gallery images on your mobile phone and you can use it to share instant messages on your social networks or any other applications. You are allowed to ship dynamic GIFs.

Method 2

How you have already commented before, in addition, there is an option to download an app from Google Play to do this. His name is Let's see how:

Step 1. Download the application from the following link and install it.

How to save Gif from Twitter on your Android phone-

Step 2. Like our previous case, open the application Twitter to find the animation you want to download. Please note that GIF animations are those that have a GIF logo in the lower left corner.

Step 3. In the same way, click on the animation and select Share.

Step 4. This time, the menu share, select the option, and what is to open the application follow the link download has been trapped and it will start to download the animation.

How to save Gif images from Twitter on your Android phone 1

Step 5. Once you download the animated GIF, you can download it in the format MP4, either, which is committing this article, in the GIF format. To do this, press the button corresponding to your choice. You can pass Click the button to also share across other applications (share).

After a few seconds, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, the image is saved in your download folder.

Now, with one of these two options, you will be able to download any dynamic Gif you alone on Twitter and have the possibility to forward them to whoever wants to go, inside and outside this app.

You can find this link in the animated gif image gallery.